Torque Release Technique (TRT)

Chiropractic Technique

Torque Release Technique (TRT)

Adapt Chiropractic uses the Torque Release Technique (TRT). It is the only chiropractic technique born out of and for chiropractic research. The TRT Model is based on advances in our understanding of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, neurology, psychoneuroimmunology, quantum physics, clinical science and evidence-based health care.

This technique focuses on the strategic and vital points of connection between the spinal cord and the spinal column, and uses an advanced analysis to locate spinal subluxation. Specific adjustments occurring at the levels of primary subluxation, rather than at secondary or compensatory areas, may promote proper tension and tone within the spinal cord and nervous system. This leads to patterns of correction and positive health outcomes, rather than just patterns of temporary relief.

Torque Release Technique is not so much a technique to manually stretch or realign your body, but rather to stimulate your nervous system in such a way that it will release and reduce tension, balancing its function to improve communication between the body and the brain, and therefore the brain and the body.

The Integrator

The instrument we use to make specific chiropractic adjustments is called the Integrator. The Integrator is designed to reproduce what the hands were intended to do, but with more specificity and reproducibility than ever possible by hand. Originally it was manufactured for use in research only, but the advantages and benefits achieved when the results were measured lead to overwhelming demand for its use in private practice. The Integrator contains many carefully engineered features, all of which allow our doctors to provide adjustments that are precise, specific, gentle, fast, effective, reliable, and consistent.

​In addition, the technique and instrument we utilize allows us to make these specific adjustments without any twisting, cracking, or popping so that they can remain gentle and comfortable for everyone from newborns to seniors. The technique and instrument are so gentle and specific that TRT can even be very effective on spines that have fusions, bulging discs, rods, degeneration, arthritis, and other spinal concerns that require very careful consideration.


​The chiropractors in our office hold Advanced Proficiency certification in Torque Release Technique, a certification held by no other chiropractors in Southern Alberta. Furthermore, our doctors have trained extensively with the founder of Torque Release Technique, gaining knowledge and experience not achieved elsewhere, so that they can bring you and your family the highest quality of care possible. 

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